2014 – 2017

Worked with
Tom Loomes & James Broomhead

ShakedownMag was created to present rallying in a new and exciting manner using award winning imagery combined with great content to bring rallying to the people.

ShakedownMag was created in 2014 by Tom Loomes and me. We aimed to present rallying in a unique way placing emphasis on using award winning photography, fascinating graphics, posters and content rich features to bring rallying to the people. The entire team was made up of award winning photographers, designers and writers to convey the best possible experience for rally fans.

We also tried to make rallying appeal to those outside of rallying by making the sport as accessible as possible by providing comprehensive rally guides, viewing tips, timetables and schedules all in one location.


Logo design and branding

ShakedownMag was built from the ground up including great a recognisable brand that would stand out from the usual rallying media. Typically rallying had a ‘muddy’ vibe, whereas I decided to approach it with a much cleaner look. The fresh colour palette provided a contrast to the ‘extreme’ approach many brands chose to bring to the table.


Website design

The Shakedown website was built to be like a magazine for the web, including high quality images to create an immersive viewing experience. The website was optimised to work across all devices.


Stationery design

As part of the creation of the brand I had to create a range of branded materials including business cards, letterheads and also purposely designed itineraries for people to follow during the event.

Poster design

One of the key social strategies with Shakedown was to produce posters for each round, this was to try and create a high engagement with our audience. The posters were always very successful gaining interest from the likes of M-Sport, Volkswagen Motorsport and others. Each one was created trying to capture the identity of each rally using its traits or features.

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