Martin Pigott Woodturning is a company setup by my father based around his woodwork that he creates. He needed a new brand that would set him apart from his competition and provide a fresh new look to something typically seen as being quite an ‘old’ hobby. He wanted the brand to still clearly link to nature due to the style of products he creates.

I created a brand that clearly identifies with his target audience along with creating the logo I also have produced a variety of promotional items for the company including brochures, business cards, labels and photography to add value to his business.

A simple to use shopping facility

Along with MP Woodturning’s branding I also created two websites, the most recent iteration now features a user friendly e-commerce element allowing his clients to shop online. The website carries over his clean brand style and allows Martin to showcase some of his finest work whilst updating people on any exciting new projects he may be part of. The website is responsive so is suitable for mobile and tablet viewing.

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