Motorsport art prints launched

In collaboration with Jamey Price

I’m pleased to showcase a selection of exciting new motorsport art prints produced in collaboration with US-based photographer Jamey Price.

Jamey Price is an award-winning motorsport and automotive photographer from Charlotte, North Carolina and has followed some of the biggest motorsport championships in the world, including Formula One and IMSA.

We came up with an idea to create a range of unique motorsport art for a special collection of prints on Jamey’s newly launched website. These prints would be based upon some of the most iconic photographs that Jamey had taken across the past 9 years.

Picking the images to illustrate was a huge task in itself with so many extraordinary images to choose from. With a wide range of photographs from Formula One, Le Mans, American Sportscar Racing, Nurburgring 24h, Spa 24h and so many more, it meant I was really spoilt for choice with reference material.

Once we’d selected some images that would work and appeal to a wide target audience, I set to work trying to put an interesting graphic design twist on them.

I started with the single seater image from Monaco, I wanted to create a very dynamic look to this image utilising the strong graphic elements that were in the original image. I decided to simplify the colour palette of the image to be made up of only 4-5 colours that would help emphasise it’s graphical nature. Once the illustration of the car and background was completed I added some retro-looking text into the background to give some depth to the image, whilst adding speed-lines over the top of the text to make it feel like an integral part of the image.

My next image was the Ford GT LM image. This was based on a really cool almost aerial perspective of the Ford leaving the pit-lane at Virginia International Raceway. I came up with an idea that revolved around mimicking the livery on the car, creating the illusion of strong directional movement whilst also drawing a parallel with the American flag.

The final poster (for this batch!) was based on an image of the iconic US muscle car, the Chevrolet Corvette C7R, at Laguna Seca. The original image had some really strong contrasting lighting creating some very bright highlights and dark shadows – I thought this would make for an interesting concept by accentuating these elements. I felt this gives the image a very 60s feel to the poster paired with the graduated colour gradient as the background for the image.

The prints are available to purchase in a range of sizes over on Jamey’s website. Or if you fancy your chances you can head on over to his Instagram feed where you can win a free print.

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