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British Formula 3 & GT Cup: Silverstone

You have to make the most of hand that’s been dealt to you – that sometimes means not the most ideal conditions.

It’s the middle of August, the height of the British summer holidays…apparently. That’s certainly not the thought I had running through my head as I arrived at the rather bleak looking Silverstone circuit on another overcast day of summer.

I was there to primarily cover the British Formula 3 Championship for Jakob Ebrey Photography. This is a championship which has undoubtedly had its ups and downs over the years but in 2019 has a grid of pure talent.

After some relatively dry but overcast running earlier in the day we had a few more sessions left to run. As I climbed out of my car ready for the second morning session to get underway my earlier suspicions proved to be true. This definitely wasn’t the summer I was expecting. The heavens opened.

The Formula 3 cars ventured somewhat tentatively out onto the circuit, searching for any hint of grip in their Pirelli tyres. As they came past my position at Luffield I questioned how much running they’d actually do in these monsoon like conditions.

Then it all went quiet. The sound of the cars stopped echoing around the expansive circuit.

I’d managed to seek out the cover of an unoccupied marshal hut whilst proceedings seemed to have halted. Water running down my face and cameras thoroughly saturated, I figured that was it. Trudging back to the car with each of my walking boots squelching in turn my mind began to wonder if we’d get any further running done…and if I’d ever dry out.

Upon returning back to the media centre my fears were somewhat confirmed. As this was a ‘test’ day no risks would be taken (and rightfully so) and as the rain continued to pour on the swimming pool that used to be Silverstone there were questions over what would happen next.

What felt like 5 hours hours later, and the rain still hadn’t stopped. One final attempt was given to get a session underway but it was just too wet to provide the safety of the drivers – and that was that.

As a motorsport photographer there’s so many elements that are just purely beyond our control – and this was definitely one of those days where nothing really seemed to work in my favour. You have to make the most of hand that’s been dealt to you – that sometimes means not the most ideal conditions.

That said, even from the minimal running we had on that test day (luckily there was still two more days to go!) I produced some images that I was really pleased with. Say what you like about the rain – it produces some of the best images.

Hope you enjoy my selection from a weekend’s worth of racing at Silverstone!

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