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Honda Indy Toronto

Hitting the streets of Toronto for the first time with the glorious IndyCar series

I’ve always wanted to photograph a street circuit. In my ten years of motorsport photography it’s something that’s always managed to elude me. Granted, we don’t have many over in Europe with the exception of maybe Monaco and Pau the rest are more ‘permanent’ fixtures.

When Spacesuit Media called me up to cover an IndyCar round in Toronto I jumped at the chance. IndyCar is a series on the up with exciting looking single seaters (arguably better looking than Formula One cars…), which are loud and fast on some superb circuits. Whilst the Toronto street circuit isn’t the finest one in the world I was just excited to see and experience everything whilst producing some cool images for Spacesuit’s clients.

American, or Canadian in this instance, racing is very different to what we get over in Europe. There’s nothing wrong with either approach but it’s very noticeable. IndyCar seemed to be all about the show and they acknowledge that it’s fundamentally for many people entertainment. This changes the whole attitude around the paddock, the pre-race ceremonies, the post-race ceremonies and to be honest the drivers approach to the series.

After all the racing and the hard work was over it was nice to spend a bit of time exploring Toronto, a really exciting city and somewhere that I’d definitely like to visit again in the future. I hope you enjoy my selection of images from my trip to the Honda Indy Toronto to see more please check out Spacesuit Media.

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