l’endurance was made up of young designers, photographers and journalists from across the globe that contributed to making a variety of online products – mostly focusing around a quarterly e-zine based upon sportscar racing. I contributed to both the design and photography for l’endurance including working at world championship level events and in a variety of mediums such as print, online and even merchandise.

Part of l’endurance was creating the magazine, we aimed to create exciting and innovative design that would appeal not only to the die-hard motorsport fan but also to those who just appreciated a combination of good design and photography. Throughout my time at l’endurance I created a variety of spreads including; an infographic focusing upon the success of Audi at Le Mans, interview pieces with Jamie Campbell-Walter & Maxime Martin and lots more. A selection of these can be seen below.

Following on from the success of the magazine we also made event posters, based on the exciting posters from yesteryear trying to convey excitement and encouraging users to interact with l’endurances social media feeds. These posters were usually based on the FIA World Endurance Championship, Avon Tyres British GT Championship & Blancpain Endurance Series. We were later approached by the British GT to officially produce posters for them. In addition to this I created the Sebring infographic which focused on pulling exciting information in a highly visual manner.

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