Minutes to Midnight

One of the plus sides for many of shooting a 24 hour race is the fact that the race runs through some of the best light of the entire day. Shooting from sunset through till dusk and then in the beautiful morning light is easily some of the best on-track sessions that a motorsport photographer can have.

So what do you do when a 24 hour race doesn’t provide those things? Simple, beg for rain.

The TOTAL Spa 24 Hours provided exactly that situation during the race, a overcast start, typically clear night, and then more grey on the Sunday morning made it a difficult race to enjoy shooting. So when the heavens finally opened on Sunday at 10:55AM it was a joy to shoot in. It may have only been short but was definitely worth getting drenched for.

More rain arrived minutes before the end of the race causing utter chaos across the racetrack, before the podium took place in (as seems to be reoccurring thing at the moment) beautiful sunshine.

Next year can we please book some better weather, pretty please?

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