Golden Light

It’s rare as a sports photographer that light plays into our hands – we tend to have to deal with whatever is thrown in our general direction. For every great day of light theres always ten others that consist of grey, flat light which is generally as miserable and uninspiring as it sounds.

It’s not something we can control though (as much as we’d like to!) so we just have to deal with it. Occasionally we’ll get a race or event that seems to have been setup with photographers in mind…

For me the Blancpain Endurance Series’ Paul Ricard 1000km was that event. A six hour race starting at 5PM and heading into the night in the South of France. On top of a mountain. It couldn’t be more perfect could it?

Combine that with one of the most impressive grids of cars that I’ve seen in a long time (60+ GT3 cars) and you’re onto a cracking event. As the sun began to dip over the beautiful Paul Ricard circuit a golden light was cast across the classic stripes bouncing off the tarmac. I’m not afraid to admit it but I ran to get to a few spots to make the most of the limited golden hour before dusk finally set in. A beautiful orange glow was cast around the tops of the mountains surrounding the circuit. It was pure photography heaven.

I’m sure it must have been frustrating for drivers but for photographers it was fantastic!

Event Photographs

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